Athens, Greece
March 2006

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Hadrian's Arch Temple of Olympian Zeus 1
Acropolis from a distance Temple of Olympian Zeus 2
Temple of Olympian Zeus Detail Temple of Olympian Zeus 3
Sculpture Theatre of Dionyssos - Frieze
Theatre of Dionyssos Theatre of Herodes Attikus
Temple of Hyphaestus 1 Parthenon - West facade 1
West facade - detail 1 West facade - detail 2
Erechtheum 1 Erechtheum 2
Parthenon - East facade East facade - detail
East facade 2 East facade 3
Temple of Olympian Zeus 4 Acropolis Museum - Athena Nike Temple Frieze
Acropolis Museum - Parthenon Frieze Parthenon - West facade 2
Parthenon - West facade 3 Temple of Hyphaestus 2
Temple of Hyphaestus 3 Temple of Hyphaestus 4

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