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Noel, Jean, Diane, Tim, Deb (Paris) Ibis Hotel, Douala
Suzy, Dédé, Bill, Me, Paulette (Batié) Training Center (Batié)
Playing Volleyball (Batié) Cross cultural training skit (Batié)
Fête du Mouton 1 (Foumban) Fête du Mouton 2 (Foumban)
Fête du Mouton 3 (Foumban) Me, Dédé and his friends (Foumban)
Sultan's Palace (Foumban) End of cultural training (Batié)
Ako Peter & Me (Batié)
Teacher Training Group (Bamenda) Chief visit (Bamenda)
Sammy, Florence, Me (Bamenda) Moses' brother, mother, Moses (Kumbo)
Moses, hike in the mountains (Kumbo) Me, hike in the mountains (Kumbo)
Jean & Me (Yaounde) Yaounde

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