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    • March
      • Why am I now living in France?
        Asnières-sur-Seine, France

        Yesterday, I picked up my long awaited Carte de Resident from the Prefecture in Nanterre. It puts an end to having to renew my working permit every year. The Nanterre Prefecture is not a particularly exciting place to be and I'm happy not to have to return

  • 2012
    • February
      • Purchasing a Home in France - Part III (Taking the plunge - The Notary, the Agent, and the Broker)
        Chantilly, France

        I reckon that in real estate transactions just about anywhere in the world, there is a basic human need to involve a neutral third party to act as a referee between the buyer and the seller. It must have something to do with the relatively large sums of money changing ha

      • Purchasing a Home in France - Part II (A Find)
        Chantilly, France

        We had started our search in late July and by the time November rolled around, were wondering if we would find anything we liked. A month or so into our search, I decided it might be a good idea to purchase a book written in English about the steps involved in buying a h

    • January
      • Purchasing a Home in France - Part I (The Search)
        Chantilly, France

        After four years of living in Chantilly it is time for a change. I've decided to become more social, let's just say I want to experiment in communal living in a manner of speaking. In July my significant other and I decided to make a plan to live together. Her

  • 2009
    • July
      • What's Behind the Development of Tools?
        Chantilly, France

        What is the secret behind man's capacity and desire to develop more complicated, powerful, precise, sometimes abstract, and specialized tools?

        Is it survival that drives him?
        Is it curiosity that lures him?
        Is it a desire to be the master of his

    • May
      • Do Shifts in Population Drive Technology Change?
        Chantilly, France

        As an IT professional I am interested in peering into the crystal ball to try and discern the future development of technological trends.

        I am also convinced that what has happened in the past, i.e. history, can tell us much about what could happen in the futu

    • February
      • Suspending Judgement
        Chantilly, France

        About 17 years ago, when I worked as a programmer for a software company in Ann Arbor Michigan I took the Myers Briggs test which was offered by the company. It was offered as a way of helping employees understand how they relate to their coworkers. I think the idea was

  • 2008
    • December
      • An Artist never Creates in Isolation
        Chantilly, France

        I visited the exhibit "Picasso et les Maitres" today at the Grand Palais in the center of Paris. The exhibit is explained as "210 works from the world's leading collections illustrate the inspiration Picasso drew from the great masters." The re

    • November
      • Why Living in the Occident?
        Chantilly, France

        So why did I call my blog "Living in the Occident"?

        By Occident I mean living in the Western Culture. I guess I could have called my blog "Living in France" which is where I live now but I wanted the scope of my blog to be larger than that

      • Dahab Retrospective
        Chantilly, France

        While I was on vacation, the world wide economic slowdown continued to deepen. Returning from vacation was not easy. I don't know what had the most impact - the muscle pains from all of that physical activity that I was able to stave off in Egypt but upon returnin

      • Dahab - Day 5
        Dahab, Egypt

        My windsurfing lesson was at 11:30 today. There was a stiff breeze blowing. I used a size 180 board and a size 5.4 sail. I was continuing working on the water start with some progress to be made before having some success. Dahab is a very popular place for windsurfing and

      • Dahab - Day 4
        Dahab, Egypt

        As is commonly the case in mass market resort hotels, breakfast is a buffet and is also oftenly the case, what starts out at the beginning of the week as a delight starts to become old after a few days. The restaurant at the Iberhotel is pleasant, however with seating inside

      • Dahab - Day 3
        Dahab, Egypt

        Tuesday my windsurfing lesson was scheduled for later in the day so I decided to take advantage of the extra time in the morning to visit another modest dive/snorkeling site a 15 minute walk down the coast from the Iberhotel. According to information I found on the internet,

      • Dahab - Day 2
        Dahab, Egypt

        The Iberotel Hotel is located on Dahab bay, south of the city of Dahab. It's the last in a string of hotels on this stretch of beach, all of them offering some kind of windsurfing experience. And there are a lot of windsurfers here. As my windsurf instructor pointed ou

      • Dahab - Day 1
        Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

        (Dahab Bay)

        The sun sets around 5:30 p.m. this time of year in Dahab. It's a pity really. The landscape is spectacular. Dahab lies on the eastern finger of the Northern Red Sea. It's also called the gulf of Aqaba. The gulf, indeed all o

      • Warsaw
        Warsaw, Poland

        (Reconstructed Presidential Palace)

        So what do I know about Poland? Not much. It's a slavic country wedged between the Germans and the Tsars. And its history is intertwined with both of them.

        After ten years living in Europe, it's

      • Ten years in Europe, What's next?
        Chantilly, France

        Sometime in the first half of 1998 I flew to Paris on assignment for Chrysler Corporation. Although I've returned to the U.S. many times over the years, it was never to reside there. Since 1998 I have been living in Europe, partly in France and partly in Germany.<

    • October
      • Vamos a la playa
        Chantilly, France

        Although I grew up only a few miles from excellent sandy beachs on the shores of Lake Michigan, I have to say that I have mostly not been much of a beach person. I enjoyed the occasional outings for picnics and hikes but sitting for long periods in the sun has just seem

      • Origins - Part IV
        Chantilly, France

        I enjoyed the years I spent living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As it is home to the gigantic University of Michigan, there are many and diverse opportunities for intellectual stimulation and personal exploration.

        My ideas about what kind of career I really wante

      • Origins - Part III
        Chantilly, France

        In 1989, Mikhail Gorbechev was in his fourth year as leader of the Soviet Union. George Bush Sr was beginning his first year as president of the U.S., taking the Republican baton from Ronald Reagan who in 1987 had stood before the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and in a spe

    • August
      • Origins - Part II
        Chantilly, France

        The town I grew up in was founded in the mid 19th century by immigrants from Europe led by a church minister. From its beginnings it was, and has remained over the years, a highly religious community. My parents were quite active in their local church, and throughout m

      • Origins - Part I
        Chantilly, France

        I'm not an especially nostalgic person. Looking back at my life is not something I do a lot and I think it's a good sign. I have always encountered new challenges along the way, new areas of interest which keep me facing forward. But at certain times I feel t

      • The First Entry - A Secret Desire to be a Writer
        Chantilly, France

        The fact of the matter is, I've been writing ever since I was a teenager. I've just kept almost all of it to myself. And thank goodness for that as most of it was pretty dull stuff. I still have a stack of notebooks on my shelf which were spared from being t